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supporting your pregnancy journey

supporting your pregnancy journey

supporting your pregnancy journeysupporting your pregnancy journeysupporting your pregnancy journey

pregnancy counselling and support


Counselling Services

  • Crisis Pregnancy Counselling
  • Pre-Decision Counselling
  • Unresolved Pregnancy Loss including Abortion
  • Individual or Couple Counselling


Mentoring and Social Support

  • Mentoring Program
  • Antenatal Education
  • Circle of Security Parenting Program


Practical Support

  • Free Pregnancy Tests
  • Baby Clothes
  • Nursery Equipment
  • Maternity Clothes

Our Team

Priceless Life offers a range of free services due to the generosity of our Donors, and the dedication of our Volunteers, who give freely of their time and professional expertise. We receive no  Government funding.

Operations Manager - Luchi Miranda


Liz – Counselling Manager

Julie – Social Worker

Delma – Mentoring Coordinator

Tania –  Practical Care

What we do

At Priceless House we offer a full  suite of integrated services, most specifically supporting those in need of assistance relating to problem pregnancy.

This pregnancy may be unplanned or  unexpected, or even a planned pregnancy that is suddenly  proving difficult or challenging.

Whether you're needing  unbiased counselling, practical assistance or just a friendly mentor  to walk with you on your journey, the team at Priceless Life are here to  support you.

You might even be experiencing some  issues relating to previous terminations, such as clinically recognised  symptoms of Post Abortion Grief. Our consultants can take you on a  journey of healing and hope.

Whatever and whenever the case is, we are ready to walk with you.