supporting your pregnancy journey

supporting your pregnancy journey

supporting your pregnancy journeysupporting your pregnancy journeysupporting your pregnancy journey

Priceless Life Services



Everyone’s story is unique. At Priceless we provide a safe place to work through the complexities of your situation, to talk through your worries and concerns, and to gain insight into the  alternatives before you. 

Counselling is also available for those who  have experienced pregnancy loss, including loss through abortion.  Counselling is available for anyone involved in a pregnancy  related situation.

All our Counsellors are experienced and fully qualified, and our counselling services are free. Face-to-face  counselling is available at our centre in Mt Gravatt.

Mentoring Services


Our Priceless Mentors walk alongside our mums providing emotional support throughout their journey. 

This could include a listening ear at the end of the phone, attendance at medical appointments, life coaching or assistance with material goods.

All our mentors are trained using the nationally recognised COACH program by Mission Australia

Practical Help


We provide a range of maternity, baby and nursery items for women and  their families in need of material support. 

We also provide  referrals for other community services and assistance with accessing these  supports.

Early Parenting

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To further support our Mums, we offer the Shine program, the Triple P Parenting online course, and Circle of Security at different times. We  also run a fortnightly Mums and Bubs group, for those Mums who want to  continue to meet at Priceless House. 


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 At Priceless we are committed to changing current conversations around unplanned pregnancy and pregnancy options. There are many circumstances which may leave pregnant women feeling alone and unsupported, and information around pregnancy decisions and outcomes is often hard to find, or even obscured by prevailing cultural discourse. We fully believe in empowerment through education, and our dream is to start new conversations and build awareness around issues relating to adaption (parenting), adoption and abortion. Click on our Education Tab for more information around the ways in which Priceless can impact your school, business, youth group or organisation.