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Thinking Things Through – Termination

Thinking Things Through - Termination / Abortion

The effects of abortion on metal health including relevant risk-factors

The abortion and mental health controversy – David C Reardon

The Risk Factors of Termination
Research indicates that if a person experiences one or more of the following, they are at higher risk for a negative psychological effect after an abortion.

  • Perceived pressure from others to terminate a pregnancy
  • Terminating a pregnancy that is wanted or meaningful
  • Perceived opposition to the abortion from partners, family, and/or friends
  • Lack of perceived social support from others
  • Feelings of stigma; perceived need for secrecy
  • Exposure to antiabortion picketing
  • Low perceived or anticipated social support for the abortion decision
  • A prior history of mental health problems
  • Personality factors such as low self-esteem and low perceived control
    over her life
  • Use of avoidance and denial coping strategies
  • Feelings of commitment to the pregnancy
  • Ambivalence about the abortion decision
  • Low perceived ability to cope with the abortion prior to its occurrence
  • A history of prior abortion
  • Abortion after the first trimester

The abortion and mental health controversy: A comprehensive literature review of common ground agreements, disagreements, actionable recommendations, and research opportunities

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Abortion Trauma

Research into the effects of abortion on women has shown that women can be impacted by negative psychological effects after an abortion (see the article referenced above).

Some women can experience abortion as a trauma. The article Abortion Trauma…and Healing gives a helpful overview and understanding of this.